7 Things About Baby Clothes You Need to Know

All moms want what’s best for their baby. But as a new mom, have you covered all the bases? There are enough interesting facts about baby clothes, alone, to keep a new mom preoccupied for days.

The Facts About Your Baby’s Clothing

1. Formaldehyde – Children’s wrinkle free clothing and bedding may contain formaldehyde. This is a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemical that can emit volatile organic compounds, yet companies continue to use it in some clothing and textiles. If you buy your baby items off the store shelf, prewash everything before it touches baby’s skin.

2. Know the clothes – Some clothing companies forego the use of harsh chemicals in baby clothes and textiles. There is information at SafBaby.com on which companies do and which ones don’t.

3. Fire resistant –  Sleepwear manufactured for babies 10 months and up likely contains a fire-resistant chemical. If it doesn’t, the tag must say so. Some moms want no chemicals at all in their baby’s clothing. Others feel safer knowing their child has an added layer of protection against fire. It’s important to note, however, that even though a garment contains a fire-retardant treatment, it will still burn. The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates the Federal Flammability Standard.

4. Sizing –  Not all baby clothing runs true to size. A lot actually depends on baby’s build. If your child runs tall and lean, many brands of baby girls clothes are going to be short and boxy. If you have a little pudge, you may find yourself buying him clothes that should be two sizes too big. The only way to figure out which brands run true is through trial and error and through the advice of friends who’ve been there.

5. Irritation – Trendy clothing that features funny slogans is not always the best choice for your little one. Opt for comfort over cleverness. Often clothing like this features embroidery or artwork that’s scratchy and uncomfortable on the inside. If your child’s clothing must have the last word, wait until she’s old enough to tell you when something itches.

6. Accessories – The accessories make the outfit. Even for babies. Don’t forget to top off your baby girl’s first birthday dress with an adorable bow to match. Again, look for choices that are comfortable, like hair clips that attach to headbands and anything featuring elastic.

7.  The cute factor – Your baby can be totally trendy without all the clever quips they print on onesies and binkies these days. Frilly tutus, vintage-inspired hats, team socks – you name it, it’s out there for baby to wear and own.

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