Four Blogs to Read for Raising Healthy Babies

healthy baby blogsBack when I was a kid, I remember my mom and her friends chatting for hours about potty training methods, which types of formulas were best, which preschools they were considering for the toddlers and which kind of healthy baby snacks tasted the best. Similar play-dates are still happening these days, but a good portion of moms get a lot of their info online via websites and blogs. Making the list of our favorite healthy baby blogs are:

1. Momma & Baby Love - A blog and community that promotes healthy and natural living through clean eating, yoga and living as stress-free of a life as possible. From learning about supplements to relaxing yoga routines for your babe, this blog will give you lots of ideas for raising a healthy baby.

2. What To Expect’s Word of Mom Blog- From the creators of that best-selling book that every new mom is gifted with by some sweet soul, this blog is an eclectic mix of posts by various writers within the WTE community. From presenting the pros and cons of co-sleeping to creating a list of snacks that you will feel comfortable feeding your baby or toddler, you’ll get first-hand advice from moms in the trenches and tips from experts on how to raise a healthy baby in the 21st century.

3. Healthy Baby Beans - This blog is written by a mom of two who’s also a registered dietitian. She writes about making nutrient-rich foods that expose your baby to a variety of flavors and textures from a good age to keeping their tiny white teeth cavity-free by eating the right foods.

4. Healthy Child - Whether you’re just starting to go green or run a full-fledged toxin-free household, this blog run by a non-profit organization, presents the statistics and science to inform parents on how everyday actions, like buying chemical-free toys and making homemade cleaners, can affect raising a healthy baby.

Do remember that many blog posts are written by moms like yourself; always consult with your child’s doctor before trying anything new with your child.

What are some of the blogs that you turn to for finding advice on parenting and recipes for healthy foods for your baby?

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