Nine Quick Tips for Mom Photographers

As a mom with a full-time work-at-home job, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my time with the family more meaningful and tips to help me be more efficient at my work. I know we have a lot of moms who work full- or part-time as photographers, so today I’ve got a list of ten tips that will help you in running your mom photography business: 

  • Stop saying cheese. Let the kids play naturally, and capture them as they play. This is why I love photography so much; capturing the kids as they are, whether seriously engaged with some blocks or being silly with their sibs results in amazing photos.
  • Have an arsenal of toys. Choose a toy or two that will work with the setting and occasion, and let the child play to their hearts content. 
  • Get down on their level. Photographing kids is one time in which yoga pants, sweaters and flats are appropriate work attire. To get the best photos, crouch down by them or sit on the floor to get those precious close-ups. 
  • Use natural lighting. This will save the time and money of setting up lights, while giving you great results. 
  • Shoot in continuous (or burst) mode. Stop worrying about shut eyes; this will net you plenty of photos after you delete the closed-eye photos. 
  • Save time with accessories. Encourage parents to dress their kids in basic outfits: leggings, jeans, tights and solid tops and sweaters. You can provide endless options–not to mention excellent value for their investment–by having an accessory box full of tutus, headbands and leggings that will complement what they’re wearing.
  • Take family photos first. If the session includes a full family photo, start with that one so that everyone’s in a good mood and mom’s hair and makeup are still fresh! Once the more serious one’s are done, it’s time for fun!
  • Let the kids run the show. Not advisable for parenting, but for photo shoots, it’s perfectly acceptable. Don’t force the kids to sit still in front of tree when they really want to be up playing in the tree house–you’ll get much better photos from the later. 
  • Read photography blogs. There’s no better way to get inspiration for new settings, poses and pictures than by reading photography blogs like Digital Photography School and Photo Doto. 
Do you have another tip, or blog, that you can share with us? Leave a comment below!


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