Ten Creative Uses for Girls Flower Clips this Spring

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With every passing day, I remind myself that we’re another day closer to the warm weather and sunshine that is spring! We’ve had a cold and dark winter, so I’m turning my thoughts to “spring-y” things like little girls dresses, flip flops and flower hair clips.  I can’t wait until I can dress my daughter in her favorite “twirly” dress and send her out to play in the new green grass with some adorable flower clips in her hair. Until then, I’m thinking of creative ways to utilize these baby hair accessories. Here are some ways to make use of these fun accessories:


Flower Clips In Her Hair

  • Pull hair back in sections and place one every few inches for a lovely row of flowers going down the back of her head.
  • Attach one or more flower hair clips for babies to a soft, stretchy crochet or lace headband for a cute accessory.
  • Place a flower clip on a hat–a sunbonnet, visor, kufi hat, cowboy hat or whatever she likes–for both functionality and style.

Flower Clips On Her Clothes

  • Attach a flower clip to the pocket of an ordinary shirt to add some flair.
  • Place one on each shoulder; especially cute with romper-type outfits and bib overalls.
  • Clip one on her skirt near her hip.

Flower Clips on Her Accessories

  • Place flower clips on her sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes.
  • Clip a few on her school bag.
  • Add one or more flower clips to a belt for a quick and simple fashion upgrade.
  • Use a flower clip or two on a decorative scarf.


We offer a wide array of flower hair clips for babies and girls, including small, medium and large sizes. Additionally we have girls flower clips in team colors, nearly every color in the rainbow and clips that have patterns and decorations. Flower clips are the ultimate accessory for babies and girls and allow you to instantly change up the look of an outfit in seconds. They’re durable and can be worn daily, which brings their already affordable price down to just cents per wear.  We also offer packages of our most popular flower clips so that your daughter has plenty of options to choose from every day.

 What other creative uses have you found for girls flowers clips? Share with us in the comments, and snap a picture and enter it in our monthly photo contest for the chance to win a gift certificate to Girls Crochet Headbands.

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  1. Tiana says

    Absolutely adore this place ! I got my daughter so many cute flower clips and Rompers ! We’re ready for summer !!

  2. Terrie Bowers says

    We use the flower clips in our hair, on our tutus, and even on our stuffed Bear’s ribbon so he matches her for the day

  3. Jan Carroll says

    The flower hair clips are so pretty, very well made and are so veratile. Both my girls love them and how they can mix and match withe colorful headbands. Great to accent presents instead of ribbons or bows

  4. MG says

    I love GCH and flower clips are fun and easy to use especially when in a hurry just pin in my daughters hair and ready to go!

  5. Lindsay says

    I love your flower clips! My daughter really loves to use them when she plays dress up with her dolls. I love them to dress up a jean jacket by clipping one on the breast pocket!

  6. Linda Marquesen says

    I love your hair clips! You have such a good variety to choose from. I have also used them to clip on the lapel of my jackets to add a little extra flair.

  7. Jessica P says

    Great tips! I love putting headbands/flower clips in my daughters hair. Having a daughter is a great excuse to get crafty!! I even find myself using some of her flower clips on my crocheted hats or in my hair! ;)

  8. says

    I love to use the flowers on tutus all over the tutu, not just at the waistband. I’m about to order a ton more! I make and sell tutus to raise money for foster children. We try and provide a tutu to each foster girl we can reach. We are called “A Tutu of Her Own” and our slogan is “Fostering Love, one tutu at a time.” We LOVE the flowers because it makes our tutus stand out that much more. I love having customers say they hear “Where did you get that tutu?” I can’t wait to see how many foster kids we can bless.

  9. elissa says

    We decorate our baby dolls with flowers that match my daughters. She LOVES seeing her mini me in matching things!

  10. Natalie Ellis says

    I bought my baby girl a pack of your crochet headbands and flower clips for Christmas. They are too cute and great quality!

  11. Shawna says

    Mom’s Clip a Flower to your purse each day to match different outfits, or to your diaper bag :)
    Clip, and enjoy!

  12. y.pena says

    I love your page specially the rompers and the flower hair clips i cant wait to order some for my baby…i want every single color lol….thanku

  13. Heather Reismiller says

    These were all such great ideas! I absolutely love all of the stuff (especially the flower clips) on girlscrochetheadbands.com!! My girls have so many of them and I’m about to go make another order right now!!

  14. Brittany says

    I love all of your products and went wild buying flower clips & headbands before my daughter was born., We are in the stage of her pulling everything off her head but I’m prepared for when she will actually wear them again!

  15. Jessica Wagers says

    Love flower clip. Adds style to a cute little outfit without being to big and uncomfortable for little one.

  16. gRANDMA sTARLA says

    After raising 3 boys and having a grandson, I finally have a granddaughter! A granddaughter who has a headband and flower clip or over-the-top bow to match every outfit! Thank you so much for offering affordable options to keep my granddaughter in hair accessories! I love the ideas for additional ways she can wear her clips.

  17. Heather says

    My 3 year old LOVES for me to put flowers in her hair! You can never have too many!! I can’t wait until my 9 month old has enough hair to wear them also. I put them on headbands right now, but she won’t leave them on. My daughter says all princesses wear flowers in their hair!

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