Seven Ideas for the Best Baby Portraits for Your Little Girl

blogsIf you’re an expecting, you’re probably bursting with excitement thinking about the best outfits for baby portraits once Little One arrives. Here are some of our favorite ideas for Baby’s first portrait:
  • Initial Blocks

    For a simple picture, wrap the baby in a plush blanket and place her next to a large wooden or plastic letter to represent her name. For example, Emily would be pictured with an ‘E.’

  • Daddy’s Little Girl

    Place Baby inside her daddy’s military jacket for a picture that he’ll always keep with him and cherish, both at home and away. This also works well with uniforms for firefighters, police and pilots.

  • Love Blocks

    Another popular pose is to position Baby’s feet so that they look like the letter ‘v.’ Then use wooden letter blocks to spell out the rest of the word ‘love.’

  • Ready for the Ballet

    Naked babies and little girls dolled up in tutus are some of the sweetest things you’ll ever see. Combine the two for an adorable pic that will melt your heart. Choose a tutu that coordinates with the blanket or fabric that she’ll be placed on, dress her in it and you’re good to go.

  • Gift from Santa

    A natural option for babies born in December; carefully tuck your little girl into her first Christmas stocking, top her head with a bow and snap away.

  • On A Stack of Children’s Books

    A perfect pose for the child of a teacher or librarian! Create a stack of colorful children’s books and place the baby on top. Use larger books to create a supportive base to ensure the baby’s safety.

  • Ruffle Butt

    There’s just something that makes ruffles on a baby’s derrière so adorable. While she’s sleeping, clothe her in just a ruffled diaper cover and position her so that her rear is elevated for some seriously sweet pictures.

Do remember, the best time for baby portraits is within two weeks of the baby’s arrival. Most newborn photographers will pencil you in for a date around your due date and once you give birth, you just need to call the photographer to make the real appointment.Also, if you use one, or more, of our products in your little girl’s pictures, be sure to enter our monthly photo contest for a chance to win a gift certificate!

What are your ideas for Baby’s first portrait? Share with us in the comments below.

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