Baby’s First Year, Measured in Tutus

White Tutu Toddler_ALTTutus are adorable garb — layers upon layers of colorful fluff that turn babies into mythical pixies. If you have a weakness for baby tutu skirts, indulge it now, while your baby girl is still a baby. Even the most ultra-girly and feminine little girl will only love tutus for a limited time.

Birthdays 1 Through 5

Birthdays are the perfect occasions to bring out the heavy artillery. At the most, you might have 5 good year’s worth of birthdays to rock the tutu. After that, it’s Hello Kitty and Barbie for miles. Make it a yearly tradition to dress your tiny tot in a tutu for her birthday. Match the color to the party theme and add a pair of baby leg warmers the first time around. Buy a special frame to display all your tutu pics through the years and mount it in your daughter’s room so she’ll always have a reminder of her days as a princess.


Nothing is cuter than a baby wearing a tutu at Christmas. Pair a green tutu with a red chiffon sweater over a white turtleneck for the perfect holiday portrait. A tutu in red will also do double duty down the road when Valentine’s Day rolls around. A red tutu, pink leg warmers and a flower clip with a heart gem center says “Hug me, I’m too cute for words.”

EasterZebra Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip Infant_ALT

Easter is all about the pretty pastels, like the precious shade of pink found in the fuzzy tutu top. Add a purple tutu, lace headband and green barefoot sandals to turn your little princess into the most precious Easter egg in the basket.

St. Patrick’s Day

Proclaim your toddler’s Irish heritage by dressing her all in frilly, fluffy green, from head to toe. Begin with the hunter green lace headband and add a green lace romper and a white tutu. Top it off with green polka-dot baby leg warmers to make the luckiest little leprechaun in town.Pink Tutu Top Large Toddler_ALT

Fourth of July

Rock the look of the patriotic baby tutu and headbands by pairing your red tutu with a red, white and blue lace romper and layered headbands in red and blue. Add a pair of barefoot sandals to complete baby’s summer wardrobe.


Every new mom loves dressing baby up for Halloween, and it’s never been easier when you break out the black tutu and pair it with an orange top and orange star flower clip.

What’s your favorite dress-up baby occasion?


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