Tips on Taking Great Baby Pics From the Top Bloggers in the Biz

great pics“Mom, where are all my baby pictures?”

If you’ve ever heard this phrase from your second-, third- or fourth-born child, you recognize the implied accusation. And you’ve probably felt the pang of guilt that comes with it.

You’re not alone in your sorrow. Most moms have a tendency to go overboard with pictures of the first baby. By the time the second one comes along, it’s all old-hat, and while you have all the best intentions of getting the new baby to the portrait studio, somehow life intervenes.

Suddenly, she’s a toddler and the only pics you have are the ones where she destroyed the birthday cake three years running.

Oh, the guilt.

If life is making it impossible to schedule formal shoots of the kids, it’s time to learn how to take your own. At home. For free. And we have a list of  the best baby photography blogs to help get you started.


This handy little blog has incredible tips on how to get the best smile, pose and lighting in your baby pics. Their post titled, Baby Photography Tips is worth checking out if you’re struggling with composition.


SLR Lounge has a post you won’t want to miss. Covering the necessary points on safety and surroundings when photographing newborns, Newborn Photography Tips for Great Baby Photos, is a must-read for all new aspiring photographer moms.


Daily Mom features terrific tips on learning to use the manual setting on your camera and working with natural light. 5 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn Baby is all about capturing the most simple and timeless details in your newborn photos.

If it’s an editing baby photography tutorial you’re looking for, stop by iHeartFaces for their post titled, {Before and After} A Newborn Photo Editing Tutorial for Lightroom. Post author and newborn photographer, Helen John, has informative tips for editing your baby pics using Lightroom. After you’ve read the tutorial, stop by Ellen’s photography blog at for some gorgeous inspiration.

Once you’ve mastered the art of baby photography, don’t forget to enter photos of your tiny tot, dressed in GCH, attire in our monthly photo contest. You could win up to $75 worth of gift certificates for adorable merchandise. Visit our baby photo contests page on Facebook to enter.

Taking memorable photos of your kids at home is easier than you think. All it takes is a basic knowledge of photography and a little practice. You all ready have the cutest subjects on the planet, how could you go wrong?

What’s the story behind your baby’s best photograph?


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