7 Busy Mom Beauty Tips You Need to Know

7Don’t wear that face to the bus stop. If you’re looking for beauty tips for moms on the go, look no further than your kitchen and bathroom cupboards. You have a wealth of ammunition right in your own home to keep you looking younger, thinner and more refreshed than you have in years.

1.  Use Dry Shampoo

Buy this. It ranks high on the list of quick beauty tips for moms and will become your best friend. It makes you look put-together enough to traipse off to the bus stop in the morning and still presentable enough to oversee the band practice carpool at night. Someday you’ll have time to wash your hair the traditional way, but probably not until after the youngest graduates high school.

2.  Drink Tea

…green tea, that is. This concoction is rich in the antioxidants that renew skin cells to give your complexion a healthy glow. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and is beneficial to weight loss. One cup of green tea in the morning is a superb beauty boost for the mom who is too busy to eat three balanced meals a day. Drink it. The neighborhood children will thank you later.

3.  Buy Apple Cider Vinegar

No article on budget beauty tips for mom is complete without mention of the phenomenal powers of apple cider vinegar. One big bottle costs a mere pittance and yet it can help cure everything from upset stomachs to acne. Put some in a spritzer bottle and treat your face daily to help alleviate oily skin and combat red, blotchy patches. Use the rest in salad dressing.

4.  Spray Brows into Submission

No time to tweeze? Spray hair spray on an old toothbrush and use it to sculpt and position unruly eyebrows until you have time to address them properly — hopefully before you begin resembling the Wookie on the poster in your son’s bedroom.

5.  Love Your Lips

Wipe your lips gently with a warm, wet cloth before bed and apply balm for overnight. This keeps them supple and smooth and helps prevent chapping in extremes of weather.

6.  Warm Up Your Lotions

A quick, 5-second zap in the microwave is all it takes to warm body lotions to a cozy temperature. This also helps them works better on dry, irritated skin. Just be cautious not to overdo and make sure to check the temp before applying.

7.  Soften Up

Use fresh pineapple to exfoliate the skin on heels and elbows. Pineapple is one of the best kept beauty tips for stay at home moms. It contains bromelain, which actually acts as a meat tenderizer to soften hard skin and make it pliable again.


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  1. Tasha Booth says

    My tip is to keep things simple! Less is more (and easier!). I keep my hair in a style that is easy to just wash and go and I don’t wear makeup.

  2. Jennifer says

    Thanks I needed these!!! I’m gonna have to look into the apple cider vinegar. I’ve heard Scarlett Johannson uses it!

  3. Terrie Bowers says

    I will have to get some dry shampoo and apple cider vinegar. I like to keep my hair cut in a simple style that doesn’t require a lot and carry rubber bands to pull it back. Simple is always better :)

  4. Kayla says

    Awesome tip on number 7. All great tips! Great tips to stay on top of your looks all while being a busy mom!

  5. Kristin trana says

    I also keep my hair in as close to a wash and wear style as possible — but because it’s curly I can’t skip a morning wash in the shower!

    I have NEVER heard the pineapple one — but I might have a hard time getting to any of it before my family gobbles it up — fresh pineapple is a FAVORITE in our house! :-)

  6. Britney says

    My best beauty tip is to wash your face everyday and apply lotion. Also apply lotion before you put on your foundation! makes it go on smoother and looks better.

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