Three Ways to Boost Your Little Girl’s Self Esteem

Navy Crochet Headband Infant_ALTAs a mom, there’s nothing I want more than to raise my daughter to be a confident, well-educated woman who believes that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to doing. This goal may seem a little too plain-Jane for many, but I really don’t want my daughter to place all her worth in whether or not she gets the lead in the school musical, earns a full ride to an Ivy League school or makes the Olympic team.

Our girls are up for many challenges in the 21st century. They are connected with their peers (the good ones and the not-so-nice ones) 24/7 via social media and text messages and advertisers are constantly serving up ads that give them unrealistic images of what they should look like.

What’s a mom to do? No matter whether your daughter is in diapers or drivers ed, a little one-on-one time regularly will do wonders for your daughters self-image and confidence. You can even toss in some self esteem building activities to further help her develop into a confident young woman.

Here are some of our favorite tips on how to build confidence in girls:

1. Be a good role model

We all know that actions speak louder than words, and preach it to our kids–but too often we forget to follow our own advice. I try hard not to comment about those pesky pounds that prevent me from slipping into my pre-children jeans or not verbally beating myself up over indulging in a dessert.

2. Set her up to succeed

Have you noticed an ability in your daughter, like crafting, sports or music, that she’s not aware of? Encouraging her in developing budding skills is a wonderful confidence builder. Help her set reasonable expectations so she has a goal to work towards.

2. Give her some responsibility

Starting as young as two years old, you can help your daughter realize that she can make valuable contributions to the family. Toddlers can put away their toys and deliver laundry to the proper rooms; elementary age kids can help with washing dishes and taking care of the pets; teens can cook and do laundry. Dr. Sears says that by having regular jobs make kids feel valuable and helps them channel their energy appropriately while teaching them useful life skills.

What are you doing to boost self esteem for your little girl? Please, share your tips in the comments!

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