Craft Up a Kiddie Keepsake

kiddiekeepsakeAre you reluctant to part with those adorable baby hair accessories that she outgrew a year ago? Anything your baby wore comes with poignant memories attached, and parting with it is such sweet sorrow. The good news is — with a little hot glue and some spare time, you can keep those memories close to your heart.

Turn baby headbands, flower clips and even tutus into keepsake art to cherish forever. And when her own little girl is born, pass these treasured memory-makers down to the next generation.

DIY Craft — Lace HeadbandsLaceHeadband10

When she’s outgrown all those lacy baby headbands, keep the memory alive by turning them into decorative crafts.

  • Purchase a DIY frame at your local craft store.
  • Fire up your hot-glue gun.
  • Cut your baby headbands so they lay flat.
  • Place a dollop of glue on the back of the frame and press the edge of the first headband into the glue.
  • Begin gently wrapping the headband around the frame, ending in back. Add another drop of glue to the end.
  • Repeat with all the headbands until the frame is completely covered.
  • Slip in a photo of your growing girl as a baby.

Adapt this idea to make any number of keepsake items — boxes, journal covers, or scrapbook pages.

DIY Crafts:  Flower Clips

Use those adorable flower clips in her bedroom to evoke a fairy-like feel. Clip them to curtain tiebacks, a crocheted canopy that hangs over her bed, or to yards of flowing tulle that cascades down from the ceiling over her reading nook.

  • Remove the clip and stitch them onto decorative throw pillows for her bed.
  • Glue a ring of them around the bottom of her lampshade.
  • Clip them to a strand of invisible fishing line that’s attached at ceiling and floor to make a flower tower in a corner of her room.
  • Clip or stitch them along the bottom of a window valance.

DIY Crafts:  Tutus

Baby tutus make precious wall decor in the laundry room. Just use clothespins to attach one to a decorative coat hanger and hang it right on the wall. There are plenty of other things you can do with fluffy tutus to keep them around the house after she’s outgrown them, as well:

  • Use them to dress big teddy bears and dolls.
  • Add ring clips to adapt them into window treatments.
  • Take them apart and recycle the colorful tulle into assorted other sewing projects.

Most of your little girl’s outgrown items –toys, clothes, nursery room decor — will eventually land in the yard sale boxes. Keeping everything she ever owned simply isn’t feasible, but her tiny, baby hair accessories and baby tutus are a treasure you can keep with you forever simply by turning them into something else.

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  1. Katie says

    I love your products and this is an awesome way to keep them in use! Can’t wait to try out the lace headband idea! My favorite DIY project is just keeping up with the baby’s photo book!

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