Favorite DIY Crafts Any Mom Can Do

favoriteDIYcraftsYou can spend hours online browsing DIY blogs looking for that next great project to make your little one’s room perfect or add a personal touch somewhere in your home. Narrowing down a list of DIY projects to a handful of favorites is not an easy thing to do. Here are a few mom DIY projects to consider. They are not difficult to accomplish, and they are quite homey, so take your favorite one, start up your glue gun and get crafting.


Bow Holder

If you have a little girl, then you know how quickly the bows, flower clips and headbands can take over. Instead of tossing them in a drawer, make a bow holder. This is an attractive piece and easier to make than you might think.

First, take an old picture frame, the bigger the better. Choose one with some character, and spray paint it the color that best matches your daughter’s room. Once it’s dry, glue strips of ribbon from left to right on the back of the frame, with the printed part of the ribbon facing out. Add a colorful flower or two to the corner, then hang it. You can clip your daughter’s hair bows to the ribbon and leave it hung on the wall for easy access.

 Leaf Relief Painting

A leaf relief painting is simple, yet makes your home look stunning. Gather some leaves of various shapes, aiming to get a whole frond or stem. Then paint a canvas the color you want to leaves to be. After this first color has dried, lay the leaf on the canvas. Spray paint the entire canvas with a contrasting color. Before it dries completely, remove the leaf. You will have a beautiful silhouette of the leaf to display. Do this with four different leaf colors and four different leaf shapes to make an interesting wall hanging collection.

 Boo Boo Buddies

Take small washcloths and form them into the shape of an animal. Tie it with ribbon to make it stay, then add felt ears, a pom pom nose and googly eyes. When your little one is hurt, put cool water on the Boo Boo Buddy to help soothe the injury.

 Craft Display Frames

You know how many papers your kids bring home every single day. Give them a place to display them with DIY craft display frames. Take some old frames and spray paint them the color of your choice. Then, take out the glass and spray paint the back of the frame a contrasting color, like black or brown. Hot glue pinch clips to the top of each frame, and let your kids clip their latest masterpiece on the frame for all to see.

 Do you have favorite DIY crafts? Let us know about it!

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