Organizing Her Accessories — 7 Cute and Crafty Ways to Quell Little Girl Chaos

blahIf the top of your daughter’s dresser resembles the worst episode of “Hoarders”, it’s time to orchestrate a clever de-cluttering. Organization is essential in a little girl’s room, where tangled heaps of chunky necklaces intermingle daily with a dozen tiny hair clips. If you don’t want to be chronically late to every little girl function from now until high school graduation, get the chaos under control today using any one of these creative catch-alls.

Magnetic Paint

Mark off and paint a section of her wall with several coats of magnetic paint. It doesn’t have to be a large area, just big enough to house all her metal-backed flower clips. When you take them out of her hair each night, simply stick them to the wall to become a part of her room’s decor.

Wall Art

Haunt the local flea markets until you find a lovely old vintage wooden picture frame — preferably 16-inches by 20-inches. Bring it home, sand it, paint it to match her room. Attach a piece of fabric-covered or painted plywood to the back and screw in a series of hooks. Hang it on her wall to house all her headbands, necklaces and bracelets at the end of the day.

Nature’s Solution

Stand a tall, sturdy vase in the corner of her room and fill it with non-toxic branches. You can even use faux branches from the craft store if you’re wary of using real ones. At day’s end, hang her jewelry and headbands right on the branches to make a colorful, yet functional piece of art.

Vintage Dishes

Fill the top drawer of her dresser with vintage china bowls, teacups and saucers and use them to sort and separate all of her tiny hair accessories and jewelry. This method will house everything from barrettes to bows to baby leg warmers — in a classic, yet modern way.

Canning Jars

Make a line of antique blue canning jars along a shelf in her room and drop her tiny baubles inside as she settles down for the night. Using a different jar to house each color of accessory makes getting dressed a cinch.

The Dollar Store Solution

Hang a clear vinyl shoe bag inside the door of her closet to house all those tiny accessories that would otherwise end up in a tangled jumble on her dresser. Make sure you purchase the clear version, or finding her things in a hurry will become a nightmare.

Peg Board

Give a decorative paint treatment — think stencil — to a piece of pegboard, and mount it to her wall. Add a variety of hooks and baskets to hold all of her combined accessories. This method is cute, convenient and all-encompassing.

Organizing her accessories is much easier than fighting with them each morning for the next nine years. Get crafty, get organized, and get you both where you’re supposed to be on time.

What’s your go-to choice for organizing your daughter’s world?

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