Tips for Easter Adorable Tresses

Easter Gerber with Chick ResinHere are some tips on how to create a perfectly accessorized springtime hair that will turn heads this Easter Sunday and into the spring season.

  • Pigtails:   To ramp them up try creating finger curls in your daughter’s hair the night before when it’s wet from the bath. Clip each pigtail with a sweet bow or ribbon in the color and pattern of your choice.
  • Pony tail:  Leave it long and lush and use a ribbon to tie it up with a beautiful bow.
  • Braids: Make a smaller braid and braid it through the bigger braid. Another idea: Create patterns with the braids, such as a heart or Easter egg.
  • Topknot: Better for girls a little older who won’t eat or pull out bobby pins :) This look is more sophisticated and create drama and elegance.
  • Bows and Flower Clips: Use spring pastels or florals, in colors that match or complement her outfit. Check out these cute bows and flower clips with a chick resin that is perfect for Easter Sunday!

Whatever you do with your daughter’s hair, it will be sure to turn heads this spring. Have fun and experiment!

Easter Yellow Bow w-Chick Resin

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