Baby’s First Easter: 7 Questions You Need to Ask

Easter Blue Nicolette w-Chick ResinIf this year marks your first as a new mom, take a few pointers from those who have traveled this path before you. There are 7 important questions you should ask yourself before the big day.

1. How Will You Celebrate?

Decide early on if and how you’ll celebrate this holiday that, sadly, many people no longer acknowledge. If you grew up in a Christian family, you probably remember Easter Sunday sunrise service, big family dinners and an exciting day that culminated in an egg hunt for the kids, complete with prizes. But according to a 2010 study by the Barna Group, only two-thirds of Americans still celebrate Easter as a religious holiday. If you’re one who’s hovering on the fence, make your stand before baby’s first Easter.

2. How Many Egg Hunts Are Too Many?

As mom to a new baby, prepare yourself — the egg hunts are coming, and every grandparent, aunt and church congregation is going to invite your toddler to partake. Know when to say when to the egg hunts, or your tot might spend the entire month of April on a sugar high.

3. Are You Setting the Bar Too High?

What’s in your Easter basket? Toys? Candy? Do yourself a favor and tread lightly. Buying bicycles, trampolines and jungle gyms makes Easter too much like Christmas. Eventually, you’ll grow to regret the pressure you’ve created around this spring holiday that was never meant to be all about the gifts.

4. Are You Getting the Meaning Across?

If Easter does mean more to you than pretty baskets full of treats, make sure you’re getting the message across to your child. It’s fine to celebrate by dying eggs and filling baskets, but if Easter sunrise service is important to you, share that tradition with your tiniest of tots.

5. Did You Set a Limit on the Baskets?

Those kids lucky enough to be blessed with two sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and Mom and Dad’s generous friends, tend to clean up at Easter. It’s nice that others want to treat your child, but you might want to think about limiting baskets to include ones made only by grandparents. No little boy or girl needs the pressure of eating his way through seven different baskets full of candy.

6. Are You Ready for Pictures?

Easter dress, matching hair accessory, adorable baby leg warmers — all are harbingers of baby’s first Easter. Don’t forget to book your Easter portrait session. At the very least, get those batteries charged up so you can take oodles of pics of baby posing in front of those tulips at home.

7. Did You Spend Equal Time?

Grandparents are such an important part of your child’s life. If she’s lucky enough to still have hers, make sure she gets to spend time with each side of the family on this most important first holiday.

Those first holidays as a mom can be a tad stressful, but not so much if you come prepared.


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  1. Nicole says

    I think Question 3 is super important! Overindulging in the gift giving does take away from the meaning. There are other ways to shower your kiddos with love during this Spring holiday! Now, if only I can control my in-laws gift giving :)

  2. Joperato says

    My 4 year old loves Easter! She loves getting dressed up for it :) This year she is grasping the concept of “easter” and the meaning behind it. We dont emphazise on the easter bunny and drown her in every eastervegg hunt in america lol. we keep it simple. The night before we dye eggs and make cookies! then easter sunday we start out with church then head to my mother in laws for a pot luck brunch which is AMAZING! Then my husband and I hide all the eggs on our property and the kids seek them out :) she gets a little easter basket and call it a day. People are treating Easter like Christmas now and that’s just not what’s it’s about :(

  3. Vicki McMahan says

    I am glad to see all the comments concerning too much commercialization for Easter and how we need to remember the true meaning of Easter. This is, however, a great website and so happy to find it.

  4. Terrie Bowers says

    My little one still has both her sets of grandparents too, so with Easter and every holiday she celebrates with my family a week early and then with hubby’s family during the holiday. Everyone likes it that way and she gets to spend the time with them.

  5. Melonee says

    Memories of all the coffee cups lined up on the table, the smell of vinegar and stained pink, blue and green fingers for 2 days after egg coloring.

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