April Showers: Darling Rainy Day Doos

pink and white pola dot bowQuell those precocious curls this rainy season by using a variety of styles and accessories that keep your tot looking fashionable without sacrificing comfort.

Combination Doos

  • Upgrade your little girl’s standard French braid by adding a U-shaped headband to help quell straggling tresses. Then clip on a pretty flower or bow for added oomph.
  • Use an adorable side-swept braid that starts at the base of her ear and falls forward over her shoulder. Pull bangs back and secure in place with a pretty polka-dot bow on the top of her head.
  • Braids, buns and up-doos are all perfect styles to keep curls contained when the rains come pouring down.

Shortcuts to Classic Style

  • Use tiny, multicolored rubber bands!
  • Start at the top of her head and pull two sections of hair together, fixing them in place with a band. Move down about two inches and repeat the process pulling in the tail you just made.
  • Repeat the process until you’ve captured all her hair. There should be a pretty row of colorful bands running down the middle of her hair.
  • Slip a coordinating boutique headband under the tail and over the top of her head, positioning the flowers to one side — instant rainy-day-proof doo.

Frizzalicious Knot

  • If your tot has masses of curls that refuse to separate into braids or tails, try brushing them straight up to the top of her head and pulling them into a top-knot.
  • Secure with a band and arrange the curls to fall to all sides of her head.
  • Fasten a large flower clip to the front of the band for polish. The more humid the day becomes, the frizzier her cascade will become — making for one ultimate up-doo.

Hat Hair

  • Simply brush her hair out straight and slip a crocheted Kufi hat over her head. All styles and textures of hair look cute peeking out from under a kufi, and it helps to keep the rain at bay too.
  • Gather her hair into a loose bun at the back of her head and pull on a brightly patterned rain hat. You’ll notice her pudgy cheeks and precious smile quicker when they’re the first things you see.

Keeping your tot comfy is the name of game when it comes to girly hairdoos, but cute accessories like clips, bands and hats add that element of adorable that every little girl craves.

What’s your favorite rainy day doo?


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