4 Affordable Easter Basket Embellishments for Girls

Hot Pink Mini Bow with Chick ResinHand-decorating your child’s Easter basket not only saves you money, but it’s also a reflection of how much you care. Whether you envision a white wicker basket trimmed in colorful spring flowers or a dainty wire you lovingly wrapped in layers of lace and tulle, this is one Easter basket your little girl is sure to remember forever.

1. Tutu Basket

Once she’s outgrown those adorable baby tutus, put them to good use as embellishments on her Easter basket. Cut them into three-inch strips, and tie them through spaces around the edge of the basket. Glue an outgrown flower clip to the front of the basket for added punch, and you’ll have a tutu basket fit for a royal princess, all for just the cost of the basket.

2. Necklace-Wrapped Basket

Little girls love colorful jewelry. If you’re considering dropping a chunky necklace into her Easter basket this spring, put it to good use instead. Affix one end of the necklace to the basket handle with a clear cable tie, and wind it up and around the handle, attaching it to the other side in the same way. You might need to purchase two necklaces to have enough length. If you’re using two, simply attach one at each end of the handle and wind them up and over, overlapping in the middle. Wire a puffy ribbon bow in the middle to hide the additional cable tie. Once Easter is over, snip the cable ties, and she’ll be surprised all over again with her new jewelry.

3. Flower-Trimmed Basket

Silk spring stems can get pricey at the craft store, but if you’re the mom of a little girl who loves her flower clips, invest in those instead. Measure the perimeter of your basket to find out how many 5-inch flower clips you’ll need to purchase, then buy them in bulk. Use floral wire to attach them around the rim of her basket so they’ll be 100 percent wearable after the Easter festivities have wrapped up. If she’s outgrown her flower clips, remove the clips from old ones, and attach the blooms to her basket with hot glue. She can keep it to store treasures in her room after Easter is over.

4. Shabby Chic Headband Basket

If time is running out, there’s no easier way to perk up her Easter basket than by slipping a simple shabby chic headband around the side. Use one or several in contrasting colors. Wrap a length of coordinating ribbon around the handle and add a pretty bow—voila! An instant customized basket.

Regardless of how much time or money you have to spend on her Easter basket project, adding simple little customizations like these will mean the world to your little girl.

What would you use to personalize your child’s basket?

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