Three Tips For Planning A Successful Easter Egg Hunt

Mini Hair Bow, 2 1-4 Toddler_ALTGoing to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Easter dinner and an epic egg hunt was the highlight of our Easter as kids. With more than a dozen cousins running about the two-acre yard, you can imagine the chaos that ensued after Uncle Bob said we could start! Here are three of the top tips for planning an Easter egg hunt that I’ve picked up over the years:

Use Egg Cartons to Collect the Eggs 

Nothing brings out competitiveness more than an Easter egg hunt! If you’ve got a large group of kids, consider having each child use an empty egg carton to collect their loot. When it’s full, they return to the designated area and are done playing. This works best with older children so consider using small pails with handles for young children.

Color Code the Eggs By Age Group

If your Easter egg hunt includes kids of a wide range of ages, consider using just pink (or another color of your choice) for the little ones. Instruct older kids that they’re not to take eggs of that color, even if they do see these eggs. If you’re hiding real eggs, you could add a sticker to the eggs for the little kids or draw a bunny rabbit on them with a black marker.

Keep Notes on Where You Hide the Eggs

I can vividly remember two years when we didn’t find all of the eggs. One year Dad hid real hard-boiled eggs outdoors and we failed to find the last one. A few months later my uncle got a smelly surprise when he picked up a flowerpot in the front yard! The other was a plastic egg with $3 and a coupon for a movie date with Mom. Not a huge loss, but for my brother who only got 11 eggs, it was a huge blow. To ensure that no funky smells start coming from your yard, take a teen or another adult along with you as you hide them. Make notes of how many you place in each area, or if you put one in a particularly uneasy-to-find place.

Be sure to have your camera out and snap tons of pictures as the kids run around the yard. You’re in for some great pictures of memories that will last for years to come. If you get a picture of your little girl searching for eggs in her tutu and flower headband, don’t forget to enter it into our monthly photo contest.

What are your tips for planning successful Easter egg hunts? Share them with us in the comments below!!

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