4 Tips To Celebrate Earth Day Right


lime green crystal flower

If there ever was an appropriate day to dress your little girl in flowers, Earth Day fits the bill. Celebrate this April 22nd by decking her out in daisies from head to toe. Then be sure to take in one or two of the more age-appropriate celebrations of this day that pays homage to our incredible planet.

Think Warm

If you live in a fickle climate, Earth Day can be a cold, blustery business. Start with a warm cotton cap that covers her head in style, and affix a colorful daisy flower clip to the brim.

Next, add a pair of comfy cotton leg warmers to match. Little legs grow cold quickly on a windy day. Don’t let your little girl’s legs go naked on this full day of outdoor festivities.

Top off her onesie with a warm, fluffy sweater, and you’re ready to hit the holiday in comfort.

Think Practical

Back in the day, driving to another state to take in a parade or an Earth Day festival might have been the wild and crazy thing to do — not so much with an infant in tow. Kids get cranky during long car rides, and nothing will spoil everyone’s day faster than maxing out baby before you even get to the celebration. Think local, think practical, and pack lots of snacks and toys.

Think Kid-Friendly

Almost every community celebrates Earth Day. Check the local papers and bulletin boards for events in and around your area that sound like fun for kids. Possible places to go and things to see include:

  • Live Animal Demonstrations of birds or reptiles
  • Petting Zoos
  • Crafting Tables at the Local School
  • Nature Tours
  • Kite Festivals

Any or all of these activities appeal to children — even babies — with their bright colors and living exhibits.

Think Free

Earth Day is a day set aside to remember how best to care for the environment. Many communities celebrate this day with activities that are completely free to attend. Look for parades, botanical exhibits and festivities in the local park to find things to do that won’t empty your wallet this Earth Day.

As your children get older, you might start thinking about making your own impactful statement on Earth Day — volunteer to help clean up neighborhood yards or plant trees or flowers in the park. Teaching your kids to be kind to the planet begins with you.

What contribution will you make this Earth Day?

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