3 Tricks to Get Those Baby Headbands to Stay Put

Pink Flapper Headband

As a mom of a little girl, you are about to enter into a world of fashion fun. Headbands, tutus and frilly dresses are the ultimate fun when you are dressing up a little girl. Yet if you’ve invested a decent amount of money into baby headbands, only to find that your little one won’t keep on those beautiful bows and flowers, what can you do? These tips and tricks will help you keep those headbands on, so your little one can look frilly and fancy all the time.

Now, before you start, make sure there is not a reason she is pulling the headband off. Baby headbands that are poorly made can be quite uncomfortable. Inspect the headband for sharp points, and make sure it is the right size for her head. If there is no reason for her to be pulling it off, then try one of these tips and tricks for keeping baby headbands on.

1. Start Early

Most babies don’t spend hours trying to pull off their diapers or onsies, because these articles of clothing are in place from day one. If you are expecting a little girl, make plans to start putting the headbands on her from the moment you bring her home from the hospital. If she’s been used to the feeling from the beginning, it is less likely to bother her when she discovers her hands.

2. Employ Distraction

Once your baby discovers her hands, she’s going to be curious about that thing you stick on her head. When you put it on her, instantly put an intriguing toy in her hands, preferably one she hasn’t seen in a while. If she’s eating finger foods, try putting the headband on and then offering a snack. Keep her hands full until she forgets about the headband.

3. Hold Her Hands

If you can’t distract her, gently hold her hands down after putting on her headband. Make this fun, not a battle, by dancing around the room or talking with her at this time. This is simply another form of distraction. Since babies have such short attention spans, she will quickly forget about the headband and move on to other more interesting things, and you’ve kept her hands down long enough.

Keeping a baby’s headband on requires patience and dedication, but it can be done, and it’s a task worth undertaking. Once you’ve taught her to wear headbands, you’ll never have to answer “Is it a boy or a girl?” again!

Do you have any tricks that worked for you? Share in the comments below!

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