Nine Ways to Announce Your Big News

Back when I found out that I was expecting my kids, it seemed everyone just made a few phone calls and let news spread via word-of-mouth. These days, thanks to Pinterest and blogs, there are hundreds of cute and funny ideas to replicate. Here are some of my favorite ways to announce the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy:

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words
  • Prepare a nice spaghetti dinner, using Prego brand sauce and give yourself a huge helping, while dad has very little. Make a sign saying “We’re” and place it atop the jar of Prego sauce so it says “We’re Prego.” Dig in to your meal while dad has a slightly scared and nervous look on his face, as a photographer snaps the picture.
  • If you’re having a girl, get a new dress, take a picture of it and caption it with “Baby Smith’s First Dress.”
  • Buy a pair of newborn shoes or sandals and place them between a pair of each your and your partner’s shoes. Take a picture and add something to the effect of “Baby Jones, ETA January 2015.”
Telling the Grandparents
  • Buy a picture frame that is meant to hold pictures of grandkids. Remove the generic picture inside and replace it with a picture of the sonogram or a sweet note saying, “Great parents get promoted to grandparents! Your promotion is effective November 2014.”
  • Send each grandparent-to-be a onsie that says “Best Grandma” or “I love Grandpa” and with a note saying that they’ll need it to dress their new grandchild when he or she comes to visit.
Announcing Baby #2 (or 3 or 4!)
  • If babies are coming close together, create an eviction notice for your first child, and get a picture of him or her in the crib with the notice taped to the crib. Extra points if this gets taken while Baby #1 is crabby or screaming.
  • Get matching chairs for the kids, place your firstborn in one chair with a sign that says “#1″ and then place another sign, “#2 Arriving December 2014″ in the other chair.
  • Give your older children shirts that reflect their new status such as Big Sister or Big Brother. Even if the child is already an older sib, they’ll welcome the gift along with the exciting news.
  • Write on a chalkboard or poster board “Mama’s Due with Baby 2″ and get a picture of your child with the sign.

I know that you ladies are super-creative; share with us how you broke the news to family and friends!

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