11 Tips to Transition Girls Clothes from Winter to Spring

Becky YellowWinter is gone, just like your little one’s winter wardrobe should be — at least for a season. When the first soft, warm breezes of spring come tripping merrily along, it’s time to lighten up both your mood and your look — your look, and the look of that cute little curly top who calls you “Mom.”

Lighten the Load

  • Pack Up the Heavies: Dark, heavy fabrics are great for getting your little one through those cool, winter months in style. But warmer temps call for lighter weights and brighter hues. Pack away the velvets and chenilles, the tweeds and argyles and hounds-tooth check and replace them with the light and airy fabrics of spring.
  • Invest in Lightweight Options: Opt for clothing made of soft cotton, jersey knit, nylon or tulle.
  • Consider Summer Styles: Go sleeveless, spaghetti strap or halter top. Today’s children’s clothes mimic all the best features of the fashion runway, don’t be afraid to fit them to your child’s personality.

Brighten and Whiten

  • Cheer Up: Sunny and 70 degrees calls for florals and cheery prints. If you’re still dressing her in dark plaids and solids, it’s time to lighten up, Mom.
  • Recycle Sparingly: Some of those winter clothes may still be workable in the spring, but don’t go beyond the occasional pair of stretchy tights or leggings.
  • Think Dressy: Springtime practically screams “sun dress” — especially for the preschool set.
  • Top off the Outfit: Top a brightly patterned dress or petti romper with a matching oversized flower clip in her hair, and she’ll become the neighborhood’s tiniest trend setter.


  • Be Expressive: It’s all about the accessories, especially when it turns too warm to dress her in cute cardigans, jackets and tights. Help your tot express her exuberant personality through colorful headbands, tutus, sandals, flower clips and more. Hair accessories not only tame the wildest mane, they bring an element of adorable to your child’s outfit.
  • Complete the Picture: Add chunky, age-appropriate necklaces, hair bows and cute summer hats to complete her warm weather wardrobe.

Try a New Doo

  • Consider Her Curls: Don’t forget to freshen up your little girl’s doo as the seasons change. Try a cute new bob or an up-doo to help keep her looking cool and feeling good as the mercury creeps ever higher.
  • Add Functional Fun: Elastic headbands do a great job of keeping sweaty curls off a flushed face — so do barrettes, clips and U-shaped headbands. Even a short bob benefits from the addition of a pretty headband adorned with a bright and cheery flower.

You wouldn’t forget to change out your seasonal decor as winter melds into spring, so don’t forget to add a pop of color, the addition of airy fabrics and a plethora of brightly colored accessories to your little girl’s wardrobe as well.

Do you have a favorite seasonal accessory?

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