New Line of Baby Boutique Headbands Fits Every Occasion

boutqiue headbandsWhether you’re dressing her for a wedding or outfitting her for a second birthday party, we have fun and functional baby headbands to complement your little one’s attire.Girls Crochet Headbands has always specialized in carrying an abundant supply of hair accessories to meet your little girl’s needs, but our new baby boutique headbands are especially poignant — featuring rosettes, bows and diamond-like accents suited for any occasion from sporty to spectacular.

A Color for Every Outfit

Whether she’s driven by pink or prefers the colors of the rainbow, there’s a new, stylish boutique headband available to match her personality and your budget:

  • Cherry Blossom Headband 10-Piece Package: This collection comes with an assortment of headbands in various colors so you’ll never be left searching for that last minute hair accessory to match the latest outfit. Each elastic band features a dainty cherry blossom to add charm to any little girl doo.
  • Rosette Bow Collection: This collection is sold individually and features small, colorful rosettes formed into a cute bow shape and finished off with a dignified pearl-like accent. Each bow is nestled nicely onto an elastic headband of the same color.

Sporty, Yet Adorable

If it’s a sporty, yet adorable look you’re going for, you’re going to love our mini-bow and classy headbands.

  • Mini-Bow Headbands: Sold individually or as an 8-piece assortment, the mini-bow headband adds just the right amount of dressy to her day. It comes in a full range of colors for keeping back those curls on every occasion.
  • Classy Headbands: Our Classy headbands also work well for the active child. Featuring a single bloom bordered by ribbon rosettes and attached to an elastic headband, this accessory adds an element of elegance to her everyday sporty style.

Dressiest of the Dressed

If it’s a formal occasion you’re attending — everything from weddings to graduations — our select line of dressy headbands fits the bill.

  • Bouquet of Roses: Sold individually, this dressed-up style features three tiny ribbon rosettes clustered together and topped off with pearl, diamond and lace accents. The elastic headband, itself, is crafted from stylish elastic, and it comes in a variety of soft and elegant color combinations such as purple/lavender/turquoise and pink/white/silver. It doesn’t get any more formal than Bouquet of Roses.
  • Princess Diamond Collection: All the colors that a princess needs is included in the Princess Diamond Headband collection. Sold individually, these royal accessories feature a single multi-petal flower crowned with an elegant diamond-like accent and attached to an elastic headband.

Check out our full line of new and exciting spring offerings today, and you’ll find baby headbands for every unique occasion.

Is your baby’s wardrobe up to the challenge?

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