Top 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Style Your Daughter’s Hair

Champagne Pink and Grey Lace Dress Kid_ALTI love doing my daughter’s hair and I love the absolute abundance of tutorials that you can find in just seconds. Pinterest is my go-to place to find new hairstyles that I want to try out, for both my daughter and myself. Here are some of my favorite quick and easy girls hair styles (read: you can do them even on school days!):

The Knot- For girls with long hair, separate the hair into two sections at the nape of the neck. Knot them together, twist them up and secure it with a flower clip or bobby pin.

Twisty Bun- Create two side-by-side pony tails on the back of her head. Twist each one and secure with a hair tie. Knot them together and bring them up and around the opposite pony tail. Secure with clips.

Side Flip- A new take on the ever-popular flipped pony tail. Part your daughters hair and decide which side will have the flips. Divide the hair on that side into three to five sections, depending on how much hair she has. Once the pony tails are secured with ties, flip each one and your done.

Long Full Pony Tail- Great for girls with thin, fine hair. Divide her hair into two sections, top and bottom. Put the top half up in a pony tail and hold it out of the way while you put the lower half up into an elastic directly below the first pony tail. Slightly tease top section to cover the lower one, if necessary.

Shoelace Pigtails- Divide a small portion of hair on the top of her head into two pigtails and secure with a tie. Twist them around each other and add them to the remaining hair to create a unique twist–quite literally–on the typical pig tail.

Braided Bangs- If your little girl is growing out her bangs, give this quick style a try. Create a side braid, incorporating the bangs, for a few inches (roughly down to her ear) and secure with a clip or pins while leaving the rest of her hair down. Row of Bows- Instead of a time-consuming French braid, pull back portions of your daughter’s hair, as you would for a French braid, and secure them with bows or flower hair clips. Repeat until you reach her neck, or continue to the end of her hair for a colorful row of bows or flowers.
Have you tried any of these? What’s your favorite way to do your daughter’s hair using flower clips or headbands?

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