How to Create A Summer Bucket List of Family Activities

In the last few years “bucket lists” have become quite the rage, and everyone seems to have one. While I’ve yet to move my list from my head to a sheet of paper, I am going to make a summer bucket list full of family activities that we can try to accomplish before school starts back up in September. There are two main ways to decide upon the summer family activities that will make it on your bucket list: the adults in the family can make the list, or you can have everyone brainstorm a list of family activity ideas and then let each child pick a set number of activities. We’re going to go with the second method and we’ll browse Pinterest to see–quite literally–what all we could do. Here are some of the ideas that I’ve already got jotted down and will place on our list:

  • Host an ice cream social for our neighborhood. Our family will provide the ice cream and location and guests will be asked to bring a topping of their choice.
  • Participate in the local library’s summer reading challenge. This will keep us reading all summer long, and earn some fun prizes if the kids meet their goals.
  • Play in the rain. When it’s just an ordinary rain shower (and not too cool), I’ll let the kids put on their swimsuits and play outdoors.
  • Go to the farmer’s market. I just love going there to pick some fresh produce and this year I’m going to take the kids along at least once and let them choose something to buy.
  • Make Kool-Aid kiddie cocktails. These were a favorite of mine as a kid; we always had them on New Year’s Eve, but they’d make a great summer treat.
  • Do a service project. This will be a child-led activity where my kids will come up with the idea and figure out how to serve someone in the community.
  • Create a fleet of paper airplanes and fly them. My kids love folding paper. These paper airplanes should challenge them a bit.

Remember not to go too crazy with this list! Limit it to 3-5 activities per week so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. This is supposed to help guide your summer and keep things fun, not be your task master. To display our summer bucket list, I’m going to use an idea I saw on the Feels Like Home Blog and print each activity in a fun font with a box to check off when we accomplish an activity. Have you ever made a summer family bucket list? What was on it?

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