Easy Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

Memorial Day is just around the corner and what better way than to talk to the kids about the country’s history than to make some crafts to decorate your home. As you work on these crafts, share with your kids the history of Memorial day, and turn up the patriotic tunes. Here are seven Memorial Day craft ideas:

  • Patriotic wreath.Wrap yarn or fabric around a Styrofoam wreath to resemble the flag. Or try the Easiest Ever Patriotic Wreath that starts with a paper plate. Display it proudly or give to a friend; better yet, make two and do both!
  • Whimsical rocks. Gather up a few dozen rocks that are various shapes and sizes (around the size of a mini candy bar) and grab the red, white and blue paint. Let the kids’ creativity take over as they transform the rocks into beautiful objects full of stars and stripes.
  • Red, white and blue headband. Grab some crochet headbands in these colors and patriotic ribbon. Tie short pieces of ribbon through the holes in the headband to create a fun and colorful design. Or wrap the ribbon around a basic U-shaped headband and top it with a flower clip.
  • Star sponge t-shirt painting. Choose your color of t-shirt and a coordinating paint (white and blue paint for a red shirt or red and blue for a white shirt) and then cut a star from a brand new sponge (or use a star-shaped cookie cutter). Dip the sponge in the paint to create a design on the shirt. Let dry and wear with pride.
  • Patriotic flip flops. Turn a pair of cheap flip flops into the envy of your neighbors. Head to your local fabric store and get 1/8 to 1/4-yard each of several different patriotic fabrics. Cut the fabrics into thin strips and then tie them on your flip flops.
  • Flag-inspired tin can luminaries. This requires more parent supervision, but it’s easy and beautiful. Paint tin cans (make sure the edges aren’t sharp) with red, white and blue paint. Poke holes around the sides and place a candle inside.
  • Fringed tutu top. Buy a little extra fabric if you make the flip flops to add some pizazz to a solid color tutu top. Cut the strips of fabric about 2-inches wide and 24-inches long. Then loop each one through a hole along the lower edge of the top to create fringe. Have fun mixing and matching top colors with the fun fabric prints you find

What are your favorite easy Memorial Day crafts? Tell us in the comments!

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