Five Tips for Organizing A Successful Garage Sale

I don’t know about you, but few things signal the start of summer like a community full of garage sales! I love having a clean, relatively clutter-free house and this is easily attainable by having an annual garage sale. Once you have a few garage sales, pulling them off becomes like second nature and you find that they take little effort to organize. In case you’ve never had a garage sale, or once had a terrible experience but are ready to give it another go, here are my best garage sale tips:

Declutter Year Round

I always have a “garage sale box” in progress. It stays in the downstairs hall closet and anytime I find something that we just don’t need or love, I toss it in. When the box is full, it gets sealed, labeled and stored in the basement.

Price to Sell

I learned one of the best garage sale pricing tips from Money Saving Mom: when you go to yard sales, you only expect to pay a few quarters for an item so why wouldn’t your customers be the same? Price items to sell. Use those handy pre-made stickers from the dollar store liberally, even the $0.25 ones.

Choose the Day Carefully

Have you ever noticed that not all towns around you have their garage sales on the same day? Some communities prefer the traditional Saturday and Sunday yard sale, while others choose a weekday. Know which day is the popular day in your town and schedule your sale to start then.


You’re not expecting to make big bucks, so why go through the trouble of shelling out $30 for an ad in the paper? Many people still look to that as their guide to the week’s garage sales, especially if it’s a community paper that’s distributed for free. Take time to put up yard signs, hand fliers on bulletin boards at the local grocery stores, post it on your Facebook page (especially if you’re connected with local mom’s groups) and even place an ad on Craigslist.

Clean the Items

Spend a few hours, over the course of the week leading up to your garage sale, to give your items a little TLC. Wash, dry and iron (if necessary) the your daughter’s used rompers and dresses; scrub the dirt off the kids’ old toys; polish the lamps; dust off the old picture frames and baskets. Even if they’re not new, items that look like their in great condition will sell faster, leaving you with more cash. What are some of your garage sale tips and tricks? Share in the comments below!

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