Five Rainy Day Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained for Hours

Besides getting much-needed water for my garden, I love the fact that rainy days sort of force us to slow down and just stay home for the day. But when it’s the third rainy day in a row, and Mother Nature shows no signs of letting up, I take a moment to appreciate the fact that it’s so good for my plants, and then I call upon my good friend Ms. Pinterest to see what else we can possibly do to fill the hours! Here are some of our family’s favorite rainy day activities for kids:

Make a blanket fort

My brother was a master blanket fort creator back in the day and we’d spend hours playing in these. We let the kids use the cushions from the playroom sofa to create a structure, then they top it off with a sheet or light blanket.

Have a fashion show

Let the kids go crazy dressing up in their tutus, headbands and shoes and host a fashion show. Put on makeup and take lots of pictures! (And if you do get some good ones–and your kiddo is waring something from Girls Crochet Headbands–be sure to enter our monthly photo contest!)

Bake cookies and have a tea party

I make sure that we ALWAYS have the necessary ingredients for a batch of chocolate chip cookies on hand. Even the youngest kids can help with stirring or pouring pre-measured ingredients into the bowl. While the cookies are baking, make some tea, cocoa or juice and enjoy a little tea party when the treats are ready. For another activity, have the kids create some greeting cards, put a few cookies on a plate and deliver them to neighbors once the rain has stopped.

Play in the rain

I got this idea from a middle school classmate who always loved rainy days because they got to put on their swimsuits and play in the rain as long as there was no thunder or lightening, and if it wasn’t too cold. We like to put the little kiddie pool out in the yard and this keeps them occupied for a good hour or so.

Create homemade play dough

This is always fun, and a good way to fill up a couple of hours. Start by making your own play dough, have a mini art lesson about mixing colors, and then the kids dig in. For even more fun, let them use the rolling pin and cookie cutters.

What are your favorite rainy day crafts and activities?

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