About Us

Girls Crochet Headbands was founded in 2008 and is a family-owned business. Since our inception, we’ve supplied over 2 million customers with everything little girls need—from headbands to flowers and feathers, to kufi hats, beanies and bows, to outfits, tutus, and legwarmers. You name it—when it comes to accessories for girls, we pretty much carry it. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to find it for you!

One unique thing about the company and our process is that we realize our customers have really great taste. As such, we’ve devised an ordering system that allows customers to be a part of the design process, giving them the ability to participate in the design process and create their own unique looks and accessories.

We believe in delivering unparalleled customer service to our customers, as well as offering unique products that are not only fun and whimsical, but that are also of the highest quality. Equally as important? We believe that great fashion and adorable looks don’t have to break the bank. So we work hard to try and make sure Girls Crochet Headbands can be your go-to source for the latest in everything you need—from tutus and feathers, rompers, shorts and tops and, of course, headbands, hats, flowers, bows and beanies.

Our business comes from repeat customers and referrals and we value and appreciate your business. Thank you so much for your patronage and for coming by our blog, where you’ll find a wealth of information about fashion, trends, fun crafts and ideas of things to do with kids, as well as information about special sales and other events. Be sure take a minute to and subscribe so that you’ll never miss a special.

Our Story

We’re psyched that you discovered our blog and were interested enough to know more. It’s great to have you here. And now, for the back story about Girls Crochet Headbands.

I’m Mindy Philips, the CEO of the Girls Crochet Headbands, where I flee to indulge my love of fun and girly things. Like so many of you, I’m living the dream. I’m a wife, mom, business owner, taxi driver, short-order cook, problem solver and expert juggler. Sound familiar? If so, welcome to my Internet home away from home. If that also sounds familiar, clearly we have a lot in common!

I’m a fashion-addicted, accessories loving mom. I’m also passionate about the concept that looking great and having fun doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. That’s where Girls Crochet Headbands comes in. The accessories and outfits that we feature here are things my team and I have found or created that we genuinely love—and dress our kids in. And we strive to bring them to you at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Today, our products include the adorable crocheted headbands that put our little company on the map, along with hair bows and flower clips, kufi hats and beanies. And because that’s never enough, we’ve also got fabulous tutus and feathers, shorts, bloomers, leg warmers, tops and rompers – truly something for every girl, for every mom and for every occasion.

Our product line continues to grow at a rapid pace and, while many of our products are suited for little ones, rest assured that we’re very much focused on expanding our lines so that we can do a better job of growing with our customers. And if I have my way about it (which means if my family cooperates and provides me the free time I need to make this happen), we’ll also be adding a line of great items specifically geared toward boys. After all, why should girls have all the fun? Plus, as the mom of both a boy and a girl, I know firsthand that it’s often a piece of cake to find great things for girls and sometimes way more challenging to find really cool and cute items for boys. I’m making it one of my missions to change that.

This is our blog, which is intended as an outlet for me and for the GCH team, to write about fashion, accessories, trends, tips and tricks of all kinds that might make parents’ lives easier and just things that we think are super cool and that you might want to know about.

Our Team

Our team at Girls Crochet Headbands is an awesome one. We are small but mighty, and growing at a quick pace as our company continues to evolve and grow. Our team includes:

Victoria Sutter

Victoria Sutter has also been with the company from its inception and literally touches all parts of our operations. Victoria helps find and design some of our products, she oversees our order fulfillment operations (helping to ensure that we get gorgeous stuff into the hands of anxious customers as quickly as possible), helps manage our social media efforts, contributes to the GCH blog, assists with customer service—you name it, Victoria has a hand in it.

Nina Chilen 

Nina Chilen joined the GCH team to ensure our social media relations with customers are top notch – providing our customers with information on the latest sales and newest clothing items, posting relevant and entertaining content, and providing a personal connection for customers with feedback or questions. She also manages the Girls Crochet Hand Blog creating posts that are fun, informative, and beneficial to our great customer base. Her goal at large is to form a positive company image and become an authority in the Mom blog sphere that leads to strong customer support and a wide fan base.