Our Team

Our team at Girls Crochet Headbands is an awesome one. We are small but mighty, and growing at a quick pace as our company continues to evolve and grow. Our team includes:

Victoria Sutter

Victoria Sutter has been with the company from its inception and literally touches all parts of our operations. Victoria helps find and design some of our products, she oversees our order fulfillment operations (helping to ensure that we get gorgeous stuff into the hands of anxious customers as quickly as possible), helps manage our social media efforts, contributes to the GCH blog, assists with customer service—you name it, Victoria has a hand in it.


Nina Chilen 

Nina Chilen joined the GCH team to ensure our social media relations with customers are top notch – providing our customers with information on the latest sales and newest clothing items, posting relevant and entertaining content, and providing a personal connection for customers with feedback or questions. She also manages the Girls Crochet Hand Blog creating posts that are fun, informative, and beneficial to our great customer base. Her goal at large is to form a positive company image and become an authority in the Mom blog sphere that leads to strong customer support and a wide fan base.